Non-Profit Transitions Consulting Services

Through our   logo-npt  “Non-Profit Transitions” department,  Interim Executive Solutions offers a number of technical resources and consulting services to our clients.  The Non-Profit Transitions office of IES is based in Connecticut.

  1. Succession Planning
  2. Board Governance
  3. Strategic Planning & Facilitation
  4. Dashboard for Data Reporting
  5. Administration & Finance
  6. Strategic Restructuring, Consolidations, Partnerships
  7. Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  8. Organizational Development
  9. Program & Performance Assessment
  10. Staff Training and Performance Improvement
  11. Development & Grant Writing
  12. IT Assessment
  13. Planning & Maintenance for Facilities and Properties


Here are some specific examples of engagements:

  • Finance – Financial statement analysis for non-finance types
  • Planning – Basic strategic and annual operating plan development
  • Facilitation – Retreats or workshops for Board members
  • Infrastructure Assessment – Determine unmet maintenance needs.  Assess value of physical assets owned to explore potential revenue opportunities.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Collaborations – Help Boards assess the potential for merging, acquiring a related non-profit or consolidating services with another organization.

In addition to providing interim executive directors, we offer a stellar team of technical experts who can help unravel those knotty problems that hold non-profits back from mission success.  Here are some examples from  our Technical Resources & Services Consulting Team:

Christian W. Dame
Skill Set: Coaching for executive directors, senior staff; Facilitation for group problem solving, visioning, strategic planning, Board retreats.

Chris Moore
Skill Set: Assessment of data management systems; Development of organizational “Dashboard”.

Barbara Thornton
Skill Set: Facilitation, strategic planning, municipal human services

Paul TonThat
Skill Set: Nonprofit mergers & acquisitions

Steve Schaffer
Skill Set: Grant writing

Barbara Wall Lobosco
Skill Set:  Strategic Planning

Tom Colligan
Skill Set:  Budgeting, Operations, Partnerships

Stan Burrows
Skill Set:  Information Systems, Software, Technology

Jeff Katz
Skill Set:  Fundraising Development