Dashboard Data Moves Organization Forward

By Chris Moore

A non-profit without a recently updated business plan and supporting intelligence dashboard is like a boat without its engine and navigation tools.  Does your non-profit have a business plan?  Does it have a Business Intelligence Dashboard in place so that you and your management team are watching both leading and lagging indicators of success, and in real time?  If you answered no to either question, then your business operations may not be running at peak efficiency and effectiveness.  Our services help non-profits improve operational outcomes so that they in turn can focus on their mission without distraction and interruption.

Approach:  What makes us different is that we don’t just begin working with your team and start changing things.  Instead, we create business intelligence that supports each aspect of your business plan so you know, in real time, that your business plan is being realized as it was intended.  If you don’t have a business plan or perhaps it is outdated, then we start there.  After creating or updating your business plan, the organization is ready for the implementation of a Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID).  The BID provides key performance indicators (KPIs) that are needed to understand the health of every aspect of your non-profit’s activities.  And since the BID works in real time, you will know when problems exist when they are small so they don’t get out of control and eventually impact mission execution in a negative way.

Why do this? Increasingly, non-profits are finding that: 1) their fee-for-service revenue is increasing as a percentage of all revenue, 2) Those organizations that make charitable donations want to know that you are running your non-profit at peak efficiency so that their donation is maximized to its fullest and 3) It gives you a major advantage when seeking additional funding or new customers.

Case Study:  Click here to read this service in action, then contact us to explore how our combined efforts can advance your non-profit’s mission.