Interim Executive Solutions: Leadership Capacity for Nonprofit Transitions

What Do Non Profit Organizations Need?

About every 7.6 years Organizations may need an interim Executive Director.

According to a recent study out of Temple University and University of Missouri, focusing on small and medium size businesses, the average Executive Director holds office for 7.6 years, but the optimal tenure length is 4.8 years. Many Executive Directors lose their effectiveness too soon. Whether the Board intervenes at the earlier interval or the Executive Director exits for another opportunity, the change can be jolting to an organization. In many situations a transition can be easier with an interim Executive Director who can move the organization forward while helping the Board and staff to identify issues, assess future needs and work with the non-profit’s executive search firm to determine the qualifications needed in a new Executive Director. Interim Executive Solutions offers Boards, Foundations and Executive Search firms an opportunity to bring in seasoned Executive Directors to manage the non profit during this transition.


Situation: Executive Director Leaves Unexpectedly?

Board and Staff are unprepared to fill the position immediately.

Either the Executive Director leaves without giving adequate notice for the non profit to undertake a search for a replacement. Or the Executive Director is forced out. The Board needs time to conduct a thorough search for the new Executive Director and work with the staff on a transition.  

Interim Executive Solutions (IES) provides an experienced professional to serve as the interim Executive Director until a permanent Executive Director is appointed.

In some situations the organization may require additional specialized short term assistance.  IES, through it's NonProfit Transitions office, can provide the following additional short term special services to our client organizations:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising and Development Planning
  • Software Review, Assessment and Recommendations
  • Human Resources Guidelines Review, Assessment and Recommendations

Situation: Non Profit Needs Planning Time?

Board and Staff need extra time to clarify their vision for the next stage in the non profit's life. 

Perhaps the organization has some specific, difficult challenges that can be addressed by an interim manager creating a healthy environment for the arrival of a new, permanent Executive Director. Or the Board believes a caretaker arrangement in the interim between the old and new Executive Directors would allow time for needed Board and staff reflection on the direction and long term needs of the organization.  

What type of Interim Executive Director would make your organization's transition go more smoothly?

  • Placeholder?
  • Operating Procedures Reformer?
  • Problem Solver?
  • Community Relations Builder?